Welcome to Wind Wellness, From Peyton


I met Christa while I was enrolled in my 200 hour yoga teacher training at The River in Denver, CO. From the beginning, I knew I would learn a lot from her… But I did not anticipate that her lessons and our ensuing friendship would change the trajectory of my career.

I took Christa's classes throughout my training because she combines an intense physical practice with a unique academic perspective on the historical roots of yoga. I quickly learned that she is one-of-a-kind.

My eagerness to learn from and more about Christa’s extraordinary approach to yoga evolved into the relationship that continued after my training. 

Christa explained her desire to connect her academic learning and teaching with popularly practiced asana. And I, having grown up in a family of entrepreneurs in the cosmetic industry, believed there was an idea that deserved to be shared with others. Christa and I talked often to brainstorm our visions and it was during these discussions that Wind Wellness was created.

I grew up in a world of brand building and business development and I am so excited to bring my experience to Wind Wellness. Our goal is to reach an array of individuals who have different approaches to wellness, and I believe that we have an unparalleled assortment of offerings.

I feel lucky to be a founding partner of Wind Wellness with my teacher and friend, and of course, to share her wisdom with all of you!

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