Welcome to Wind Wellness, From Christa


Throughout my career as a graduate student, I always shared that I wanted to bridge the gap between the academic study of yoga and spirituality, and the world of popular culture. NOW, [with the encouragement, organizational and technological skills of Peyton Bell] I am opening my mind and heart and co-launching Wind Wellness. 

Okay [insert deep breath] here I go!

My name is Christa and I am a mother, wife, daughter, sister, best friend, Doctor of Philosophy, Professor of Yoga, Hinduism and Wellness, Yoga Teacher Training leader and long time teacher and practitioner of yoga asana. 

I am a scholar who has studied South Asian Religions since 1999, and I am also a real human… One who has feelings and personal obstacles to wellness practices. In other words, it is not that I have it all figured out myself, but rather that I have been enveloped in this material for 18 years. I have dedicated a lot of time and tears to yoga, wellness and practices of spirituality. I am ready to share. Wind Wellness combines my knowledge regarding the five social psychological forms of wellness: physical, spiritual, emotional, intellectual and social, with personal connection and individual study.

It is our mission at Wind Wellness to elevate the discourse surrounding healthy lifestyle practices such as yoga. That being said, we also want to build a community of wellness knowledge (hello social wellness) by collaborating with and sharing wisdom from a broad network of specialists. 

We are ready and this is Wind Wellness: Be Light, Be Mighty!

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