Expert Interview: Anya Foxen


We are excited to share our first Words With Experts: Anya Foxen.  

She is a wine connoisseur, a brilliant mind and a yoga scholar whose new book on Paramahansa Yogananda, Biography of a Yogi, is currently the best selling book in Amazon’s Hindu Rituals and Practice category!  

We here at Wind Wellness are also lucky to call her a friend.

Christa first met Anya at the National American Academy of Religion conference in 2013. Anya was presenting a fantastic paper on Bikram Choudry and Christa on Anusara Yoga and Tantric American Practices. They were young scholars working on their Dissertations in the field of Modern Yoga and immediately bonded over their common interests. 

Today, they both serve on the Steering Committee for the Yoga Theory and Practice group for this prestigious guild.

Enjoy Christa’s interview with Anya and learn more about Anya here!

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