Embark upon your

Spiritual Journey.

Spiritual SymbolSpiritual Element

Because spirituality is inherently experiential, we look to how the main religions of the world have introduced practices that make sense to their own socio-historical situations.

Body locks and hand gestures are physical ways to deepen and advance your practice and connection to the philosophical roots of yoga. We teach how and when to use bandhas and mudras on and off the mat.

Dharma means duty. Your svadharma is your personal contribution in your lifetime. Uncover your dharmic purpose and learn tools to embark upon your desired path.

I was introduced to Dr. Schwind last fall when I was looking for someone who could facilitate a workshop for the Teaching with HeART series for graduate teaching instructors that I lead. Given Dr. Schwind’s research on religion and yoga and her practice as a yoga instructor, I thought she would be a great fit for facilitating a yoga and meditation workshop for us. I can say that the workshop was one of the most inspiring and life-changing of the year. I gave Dr. Schwind very few instructions for designing her lesson. I suggested briefly that if she could focus on empathy and compassion we would appreciate it. She took these notes and integrated research and practice related to the concepts that were simply thoughtful, engaging, and beautiful. Some of the instructors  entered the classroom on the day of the workshop skeptical, choosing to sit in chairs on the border of the room instead of on the floor as typically expected in yoga. By the end of Dr. Schwind’s lesson, all students were on the floor and many were frankly speechless as they tried to process the sheer power of the yoga and meditation practices they learned. We talked about the workshop many times over the course of the year. Some, including myself, integrated meditation practices that we learned in Dr. Schwind’s workshop into our own courses. Several of my students commented on how much they appreciated having a minute to meditate at the start of each of our classes. I have Dr. Schwind to thank for making such a small but powerful change in my classroom affect.

Erin K. Willer, Ph.D
Professor, University of Denver
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