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The yoga sutras are the backbone of contemporary yoga philosophy. Understanding and implementing the yamas and niyamas facilitate a healthy lifestyle on and off your mat.

In the past 5 years, yoga in America has grown approximately 470%. As a result of this growth, numerous yoga brands and communities have formed. We teach awareness of branding and diversity in the American yoga market and understanding one’s place within it.

The gaze of yoga is a fascinating and contested topic. We examine how social media continues to influence the popular understanding of yoga and its studentship.

Recognizing and understanding the historical roots of yoga from India to the Americas allows us to appropriately respect its place in Western culture. Speaking to the history of yoga is necessary to appreciate its future.

The yoga practice is a discourse because it involves the ways that humans communicate with one another and it is social because communication occurs between large groups of people. The questions we explore are where yoga comes from, who it represents and what are (if any) its boundaries of ownership.

If words could sustain us, I could live on only hers.  Christa’s lectures were my favorite part of training and also added an extra depth I had not anticipated. Her joy is effervescent, she is quick to smile, to laugh and it is impossible to walk away from her without feeling like a lighter, gentler and kinder version of myself. I admire and respect her so much.

Katie Kroeger
River Teacher training graduate
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