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Disciplined Practice.

Intellectual SymbolIntellectual Element

Exploring and appreciating the main philosophical viewpoints and thinkers of yoga is essential to understand contemporary definitions of yoga.

Yoga mythology is multi-faceted and fascinating. Learn the relationship between the gods and goddesses and your yoga practice.

We trace the development and cover the major influencers who were involved in the transmission of yoga from India to the Americas.

Does yoga have connections to a particular religion? We will answer this question and complicate the discussion.

The physical experience of yoga has direct connections to the development of Hatha Yoga. We trace the lineage beginning with Gorakhnath and his continued relevance today.

In Sanskrit text, tantra means a particular discourse that “spreads knowledge and saves.” Considered to be the most radical aspect of Indian spirituality, tantra represents a celebration of the body in all forms.

I want to thank you so much for a very interesting and educational quarter. I always looked forward to coming to your class on Wednesdays and found the conversations to always be entertaining and educational at the same time—the best kind of learning! After knowing absolutely nothing about Hinduism, I now have an understanding of the basics. I hope to continue to learn more because it really is such a fascinating and unique religion.

Alex Roth
Student, University of Denver
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